Twenty years of cooperation.

The GDT and the JICA Mongolia Office have celebrated the 20 years of cooperation on the 05th of December, 2018. The JICA projects facilitated the GDT to build a modern tax administration system over the past two decades. During this time, 177 state tax inspectors visited Japan for various study sessions and seminars and over 2000 state tax inspectors participated in the capacity building training sessions held by the JICA domestically. The cooperation focuses on improving the citizens’ tax awareness and building a stronger tax system. Moreover, the JICA has helped the GDT to launch the model one-stop tax service, the call-centre service and the debt management service, and also assisted in the establishment of the third party information database and the system of exchange of tax information with related organisations, and other works on improving tax collection, debt administration, and tax auditing. Regional training centres established in Khovd, Uvurhangai, Darkhan-Uul provinces. Additionally, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Sports, the GDT’s initiated tax education program for high schoolers was successful. Furthermore, the JICA, in collaboration with the OECD, has translated various tax guidelines and methodology documents for the tax inspectors’ use. The JICA and the GDT have also implemented the project on tax collection process and international tax with two phases since 2014.