Tomas Balco, senior adviser in the BEPS capacity building team at OECD, visited Mongolian Taxation Administration.

Mr. Tomas Balco, senior adviser in the BEPS capacity building team at OECD, with role and responsibility to help different countries in the implementation of the BEPS recommendations, and with the experience of working with the different countries which are part of the inclusive framework which are 135 countries from all over the world on finalizing the different recommendations involving transfer pricing, has worked at General Department of Taxation, Mongolia. 

He arrived Mongolia to assist the Mongolian tax administration and Ministry of Finance to implement the BEPS recommendations. When he came here in March 2018, the work was underway to draft the primary laws mainly on transfer pricing, and now with a mission to help finalize the secondary law regulations, which are important to provide more clarity and guidance on application of the primary laws that are entering into force as of the 1st January next year.