Tax inspectors participated in the Transfer Pricing training.

Mongolian Tax Administration and the OECD-Korea Policy Centre have conducted a bilateral training on the “Transfer Pricing Audits: Theory and Practices” between 20th and 22nd August, 2019. The training focuses on transfer pricing adjustment in the case of use of non-market price for transactions made between related parties, drawn from Korean practices.

As the tax laws coming to effect next year, Mongolian Tax Administration gives emphasis on and provides various trainings for the capacity building of its tax inspectors in the field of international taxation.

This specialised training was made possible by a transfer pricing expert trainer and a transfer pricing auditor of the National Tax Service of Korea, and a legal expert on transfer pricing from a renowned Korean law firm.

The OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations was used for the training, and the legal arrangements included in the new tax enabled the use of the Guidelines for enforcement of the laws.