The “Tax Reform – 2019” training in Central Region.

The “Tax Reform – 2019” training in Central Region was successfully held in Darkhan-Uul province.

The main focus of the training is to present an overview to the tax law reform, the technical improvements to supplement its successful enforcement, observing recommendations on drafts of regulations, and the Administration’s other duties and sharing of ideas.

Over 170 tax inspectors, including Mr. Zayabal Batjargal, Commissioner, Mr. Nergui Luvsan, Head of Public Administration and Management Department, Mr. Enkhjavkhlan Tseyen, Head of Tax Administration and Cooperation Department, Mr. Tsogtjargal Damdinpurev, Head of Tax Revenue Department, the training group members, and other tax inspectors from Arkhangai, Darkhan-Uul, Tuv, Orkhon, Selenge, Bulgan provinces, participated in the training.

Furthermore, the IMF review mission led by John Brondolo took part in the training, and provided a methodological assistance for drafting regulations.

Mr. Zayabal Batjagal, Commissioner, introduced on-going reforms and improvements in the administration and encouraged active participation of all inspectors in implementation and development of the Tax Administration Information System (TAIS) within the framework of the tax law reform and its enforcement as well as the 49 supplementing regulations. He also advocated tax inspectors to keep high ethical stance and accountability, respecting human rights, legal rights and interests, and serve the people, esteeming the public service reputation.

Participants also voiced that this event, bent on learning from the General Department of Taxation’s officials responsible for the recent tax reform and supplementing works and an active engagement in giving recommendations for the reform, is highly fruitful. Lastly, they expressed their active engagement and effort for a successful implementation of both the reform and directions from the General Department of Taxation, and further improvement of the tax administration’s activities.